Assistant Director, Production & Design - Australian Sports Commission

7 days ago Australia
Application Deadline - 8th Feb 2023 @ 12:00 am (GMT)

We are the Australian Government agency responsible for supporting and investing in sport at all levels. Our role is to increase involvement in sport and enable continued international sporting success through leadership and development of a cohesive and effective sports sector, targeted financial support and the operation of the Australian Institute of Sport (AIS).

We play a unique role in the sport ecosystem and tackle the big challenges and opportunities with and for the sector. We play different roles based on where and how we can add the most value through our expertise, leadership and voice.

We exist because sport matters. It drives all we do at the Australian Sports Commission (ASC), including our culture. We stand for respect, integrity, teamwork and excellence. These values underpin how we treat each other and our stakeholders, how we deliver for sport and how we create the world’s best environment at the ASC.

Here at the ASC, we encourage applications from candidates with broad experiences and diverse backgrounds so we better represent the community that we serve. Our workplace aims to increase our representation of First Nations Peoples. We uphold our ASC Cultural Framework which outlines our shared values and champions the experiences, skills and perspectives of all employees.

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