C# .Net Software Engineer - McLaren Applied Technologies

10 days ago England
Application Deadline - 31st Mar 2018 @ 12:00 am (BST)

As a senior engineer, you will have excellent and proven experience delivering .NET applications that are robust, adaptive and scalable. You love developing within the Microsoft Stack, but not exclusively as we always pick the right tool for the job and you will be exposed to other languages and stacks. You will be working in a team that values getting great features in front of users, and this is how we measure our success, working code in production.

Have agile experience with a good understanding of mainstream software development methodologies, values and procedures. This includes OO development, concurrency and design patterns.
You test software on every stage of its journey and add new features frequently and with confidence.
Enjoy solving problems, choosing the simplest and most elegant approach over the complex one. You appreciate other people’s input and adapt your designs if a better solution comes to light.

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