Data Analyst - AEG Presents

14 days ago USA
Application Deadline - 4th Feb 2023 @ 12:00 am (GMT)

The Data Analyst will take their advanced understanding of analytics and data modeling and apply it to various aspects of the business, primarily focused within the Digital department. Reporting to the Director of Consumer Analytics, the qualified candidate will be working with data that touches the entire companies ecosystem.  An ongoing piece of work will be improving the data integrity, functionality, and strategy across a number of proprietary AEG products that focus on marketing, booking, accounting, and more. Besides building out the structures of various datasets and making our database more relational, this person will be tasked to analytically derive key insights that provide tangible value to our marketing capabilities. The perfect candidate will come with an unparalleled passion for puzzle solving, high level of attention to detail, strong sense of team spirit and comradery, and a passion for learning and continued growth.

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