Match Official Development Officer - NSW Rugby Union

6 days ago Australia
Application Deadline - 5th Jun 2023 @ 12:00 am (BST)

This role is a 2 year contract with the support of The Rugby Club Foundation. The Match Official Development Officer (MODO) will facilitate and drive development opportunities within NSW metropolitan area and specifically within the catchment and demographic for NSW Rugby Referees Association (NSWRRA) through recruiting and retention strategies.

The MODO will have a core understanding and monitoring of the size and demographic of the NSWRRA match official population to assist in working actively with stakeholders to grow, maintain and broaden this population.

The MODO will be a visible key relationship point for NSWRRA and all stakeholders with requirements for match officials to create, build and strengthen working relationships with these stakeholders.

The MODO will provide support and guidance to all potential and new members in the first year of becoming a match official.   Assisting in understanding processes for accreditation, appointments, pathways and NSWRRA support.

Maintenance, improvement and implementation, as applicable, of processes required to manage engagement with match officials with support from the NSWRRA Executive and Development and Appointments Committee (DAC).

Monitoring of Match Official population for participation and engagement, in particular, with respect to availability, appointments and education.

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