Operations Analyst, Basketball Strategy & Research - Phoenix Suns

5 days ago USA
Application Deadline - 17th Aug 2020 @ 12:00 am (BST)

The Operations Analyst will assist in the creation and communication of data-driven information pertaining to game strategy, player development, team building, NBA personnel evaluation, and sports science.

What we need from our Analyst:
Our Analyst will perform robust quality assurance testing of data infrastructure and statistical validity modeling. The selected candidate will be able to find opportunities to build new metrics through detailed tracking and data coordination. They will create breakdowns of coaching strategy and scheme, for both the Phoenix Suns and opposing teams and apply objective data in the accurate development of NBA players. The preferred candidate will produce reports on NBA and college prospects through statistical breakdowns and generate data visualizations and tools to better explain findings. They will identify and analyze game trends on a team and league-wide level and assist the Performance Department with sports-science related projects.

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