Physiotherapist - Precision Athletica (Olympic Park) Pty Ltd

13 days ago Australia
Application Deadline - 5th Nov 2021 @ 12:00 am (GMT)

We are searching for the right person to join us who wants a shift in their career.

Are you a physio who wants to be part of the future of sports performance in Australia?

Do you want to be an essential part of a company that is transforming the way we develop sportspeople of all ages and abilities, contributing significantly in your role to the all round development of the athlete?

We are looking for someone who is highly motivated to work with athletes and sportspeople of all ages, passionate about achieving both the growth of the company and your own career goals in sport, and wants to contribute to us becoming leaders in sports performance and performance physiotherapy.

We are in the Athletic Centre at Sydney Olympic Park and we work with a diverse range of sports and sporting backgrounds.

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