Senior Manager / Manager, Volunteer Engagement & Partnership - Sport Singapore

11 days ago Singapore
Application Deadline - 29th Sep 2020 @ 12:00 am (BST)

In this role, we are looking for someone to develop sports volunteerism and raise quality of sport volunteering by providing leadership and guidance to the team in areas of recruitment, opportunities, learning and growth, recognition and continuous engagement of sports volunteers.

Job Responsibilities:

1. Build a Nationwide Movement by being a platform that offers multi-faceted and meaningful opportunities for Team Nila to give back through sport.

2. Enrich and Empower by providing leadership training programmes for Team Nila who are committed and have displayed leadership qualities.

3. Deepen Volunteer Engagement by offering meaningful opportunities through deliberate designing of programmes and actively engaging Team Nila via various platforms i.e. Social Media, Celebrations and Appreciations.

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