Soccer/Futbol Referee Official - Catholic Sports

14 days ago USA
Application Deadline - 6th Jun 2024 @ 12:00 am (BST)

The Soccer Referee is responsible for officiating in an unbiased manner. They will ensure that all participants abide by the rules, maintain a safe experience and create a playing environment that furthers our mission to build community. 

  • Officiate matches ensuring that rules are followed
  • Maintain control of the game by through warnings, cautions, and ejections as necessary
  • Check for missing equipment or improper clothing/jewelry that could risk injury
  • Keep game time, scores and fouls
  • Communicate with the League Host and/or League HQ regarding any equipment, field, or player issues
  • Must be available for a minimum of eight weeks: 6-8pm Sundays Jun 30 to Aug 18 (weather delays will be worked out separately)
  • Passion for sports, community building, and punctuality
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