Software Developer, Fraud Detection System - Sportradar

5 days ago Slovenia
Application Deadline - 2nd Oct 2021 @ 12:00 am (BST)

From Gaelic Hurling to Finnish Bandliiga. From the Guatemalan Liga Nacional to ESports Counterstrike coverage of the ESEA Premier Division. Whatever your sport, you’ve felt the sting of the losses and the exhilarating glory of the wins.  Sports provide people with a common connection and the potential to share special moments with complete strangers. And ever since odds were laid on chariot racing in Ancient Rome, fans of sport need complete information and they need it quickly. Sportradar provides the source code for sport. Over 1,000 companies worldwide rely on Sportradar’s data depth and quality. With over 300M odds changes published every month and 30TB of metrics observed we rely on our squads to deliver this data reliably and accurately.

As a Software Developer, you will participate in the development of Sportradar’s market-leading Fraud Detection System. You will form part of the Monitoring & Detection squad, where collaboration with other Sportradar business and development teams is paramount to the successful delivery of both product and engineering-led initiatives.

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