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4 days ago England
Application Deadline - 31st Mar 2020 @ 12:00 am (BST)

We have 3 levels of courses so far:

Level 1 Teaches our version of the fundamentals of the game, the focus is on skill acquisition through various learning mediums. We are teaching the players to understand what they are doing and to be able to tell us how things feel or work for them rather than just tell them this is the only way.
Level 2 (Players on performance pathways) Builds upon the foundations we have taught and add in context with tactical development with the skill development.
Level 3 (County Age Groups 14-19) Is where players lead the session content and state what they want to work on and sessions are built around the players needs. We go more into depth with things like Visual cues, breaking down the action for bowling into specific segments, when looking at fielding and batting the timing of the movements to fit in with their movement profiles.
Session plans are provided and key learning points, we want to use questions and reviews to get players to think of solutions rather than just tell them solutions.

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