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If we say that entering the palace in those years smoothed Cui Shufei's love for her family, and that the years wasted by Queen Wang made Cui Shufei's undeserved love for Emperor Zhuangping's husband and wife cold, then the death of the eleven princesses was the last heavy blow to the unfortunate lonely woman in the palace, and also made Cui Shufei completely cold to the Cui family. Yue Huaiyuan is close to the age of the eleven princesses. She is intelligent and lovely. She used to be very popular with Cui Shufei. Now she has lost her mother at a young age. In front of Cui Shufei, a middle-aged woman who lost her daughter in the palace, how can she not be very lovable. At that time, Cui Shufei invited her to stay in the palace, accompanied her all day to relieve loneliness, the Mid-Autumn Festival banquet can not leave, but also personally brought a river lantern for her to play, at that time. Yue Huaiyuan also really likes this imperial concubine. Although Cui Shufei did not say that sentence, the speaker and the listener were very clear to each other. At that time, Cui Shufei should be true, very, very. Love your own. Just as fate would have it, looking back, Cui Shufei picked the most disliked daughter of the Cui family as her daughter-in-law, but she went farther and farther away from Yue Huaiyuan, whom she really loved. In fact,Steel investment casting, Yue Huaiyuan has never understood why Cui Shufei nodded to Cui's late love, but previously she held a posture that had nothing to do with herself without the slightest curiosity, but today suddenly there was a surge of impulse to explore. Yue Huaiyuan straightened out her words, took the opportunity of turning, and some deliberately swept Cui Wanqing, who had fallen on the outside half a step, and made a desire to speak and stop. Cui Shufei patted her palm gently and motioned her to look at the road. This attitude can be said to be very indifferent. Yue Huaiyuan frowned,die casting parts, some are not sure whether they should continue to test, it is hesitant, suddenly felt the body was not lightly hit, a stagger shook off the hand holding Cui Shufei, Cui Shufei's face suddenly changed, the voice was sharp to change the tone. …… yuan Niang! Yue Huaiyuan dodged and subconsciously protected her stomach first. Fortunately, the bump was not heavy, and Yue Huaiyuan was cautious, but she stepped back in disorder and stabilized. This retreat, however, is a coincidence and coincidence, just retreated to the side of the Crown Princess Bai who followed behind. Bai's eyes and hands quickly helped Yue Huaiyuan, and his right hand firmly held Yue Huaiyuan's left wrist, deep draw stamping ,die cast light housing, so that she successfully stopped. Yue Huaiyuan looked up gratefully and smiled at the Crown Princess. At the moment when her left hand slid down subconsciously, her fingertips gently stroked the Crown Princess's right wrist. Her face changed subtly by three points. The action of sliding her hand and bending over to salute stopped slightly. Fortunately, the Crown Princess's next action perfectly covered up Yue Huaiyuan's gaffe. Bai Linglu smiled at Yue Huaiyuan and grabbed her left hand directly and hugged her arm warmly. Madam and this palace, this is also'predestined to meet thousands of miles away '? The palace licked his face and begged his wife for a little time from her mother and concubine, so that she could accompany the palace to visit the garden. Cui Shufei's face was pale and pale. She was obviously frightened just now. Yue Huairan, who had just reacted, also cast a worried look at Yue Huaiyuan subconsciously. Yue Huaiyuan smiled at the two of them, indicating that she was all right. Cui Shufei paused for a while, then returned to the Crown Princess with a slight smile. That's a blessing for the child. Bai Lingluzhi smiled triumphantly and took Yue Huaiyuan around to another path, saying that Linghe was crowded and not interesting, so she might as well go to Chaozui Garden, which was quiet and elegant. Yue Huaiyuan thought to herself, I'm afraid quiet is the most important thing. But this is not the key, Yue Huaiyuan by Bai Linglu holding his posture, her wrist secretly touched again and again, and finally determined a chilling fact. Because this fact really made Yue Huaiyuan's back chill, she was not sure for a long time, so that in her ignorance, there were only two people left here, she and the Crown Princess, even Bai's most trusted confidant, all retreated three steps away. This is obviously the posture of a secret talk. Yue Huaiyuan subconsciously tightened the cloak on her body and let go of Bai Linglu's wrist, and Bai Linglu did not force it.
Bai Linglu turned around and turned her back to Yue Huaiyuan as if she was really enjoying the beautiful scenery of the Drunken Garden. Yue Huaiyuan lowered her eyebrows and counted the lines on her cloak meticulously. She was quiet for a moment. Both were waiting for the other to speak first. In the end, the Crown Princess could not hold up first. Bai Linglu turned around, her face almost undisguisedly irascible and impatient. She was upset and said to Yue Huaiyuan. Madam and Fu Qing's husband and wife are of the same body. Should they stand on the side of the palace? Yue Huaiyuan looked at Bai Linglu carefully for a few seconds and replied cautiously. It's natural. …… As long as the Crown Princess still remembers that "husband and wife are the same", then we stand on the side of the Crown Prince, and naturally on your side. Yue Huaiyuan did not want Fu Shuangru to fall into the quagmire of seizing the throne, but she was also not so naive. The struggle between the two palaces had come to this point, and Fu Shuangru, one of the four ministers of the East Palace, could not escape. Since can not escape, whitewash peace is not Yue Huaiyuan's style, facing difficulties, to attack for defense is! What's more, there is a human life between their husband and wife and Empress Zhang. You can't forget those sinister calculations just because you have nothing in your stomach now. Even if you can't do it in his own way, at least, there is no possibility of peace with Empress Zhang. Bai Linglu breathed out irritably, and did not know how satisfied she was with Yue Huaiyuan's answer, but the anxiety on her face was slightly reduced, and she hesitated for a while before continuing to ask. That At today's banquet, the sage wants to go to the East Palace to fill the people. Madam and Fu Qing also know about it. What does this mean? Yue Huaiyuan frowned. Not to mention that the sage wants to add people to the prince, what is the matter with their husband and wife, is related,metal stamping parts, that is to say, in case the East Palace welcomes the daughter of which important minister may threaten Fu Shuangru's position in the East Palace and so on, why does the Crown Princess deliberately mention herself. autoparts-dx.com
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