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Harem ascendancy

Qiaoning made this jujube cake into the shape of petals looking at this dark red cake it turned out that the delicate December was reluctant to eat But the heart is reluctant to give up but the taste buds are constantly secreting the signal that they want to eat He pinched a piece and put it in his mouth squinting his eyes contentedly Also before long the twelfth lunar month is to eat a small dish of jujube cake looking at the master's appetite Jinxin asked with a smile "Master but also" This is a joke the amount of food in the twelfth lunar month has always been known The twelfth lunar month looked at the plate tilted his head and thought "En yes" Give me more of this As soon as this word came out several big palace maids looked at her with some doubts Brocade heart is busy nodding The master's appetite has changed a little these days and he seems to be able to eat more Heard that the master also in the kitchen Qiaoning also surprised half ring said "catch autumn fat" Several people are good Minerals & Metallurgy in front of outsiders are all decent people in front of the master but also abide by the rules But a few people get along with each other in private It's much more relaxed and wanton Don't talk nonsense Jinxin glared at her with a smile This South Qin country regards thin as beauty and the master is no longer thin In this way I'm afraid the master will lose his temper again but the master is strange these days and his temper has changed a lot Qiao Ning also laughs "I am just a joke say again" I think the meat looks good The brocade heart is carrying the cake to prepare to go out "So you want to eat like this" Qiaoning smiled Qiaoning's figure is much more mellow than the others If you stay in the kitchen and study food like me every day I don't think you will be much thinner than me However I suggest that you still talk to the master do you want to announce a doctor to see these days the master is really obvious to eat Brocade heart footsteps a meal nod I know 、107 After eating the depressed mood of the twelfth lunar month seemed to be much better Somehow he became sleepy again His eyelids were so heavy that he thought about it and sent several people out to take a nap In the past the twelfth lunar month did not have the habit of taking a nap but today it fell asleep as soon as it touched the pillow This sleep is to sleep into the evening Brocade heart and so on several servant girls all have some worries Originally Jinxin was going to talk to her master in the afternoon and ask Xuan Taiyi to come and have a look As a result she was even more perturbed when she saw her master sleeping until the evening I slept in a daze in the twelfth month of the lunar year and I didn't know what night it was Brocade heart Perhaps it was because I just woke up and the voice was soft Brocade heart hurried into the room "Master woke up" The maidservant waited on you to get up Looking at the master's line of sight with a trace of confusion Jin Xin suggested "Master China Manufacturers the maidservant sees that you are in a somewhat abnormal state these days Why don't we come here to have a look at Xuan Taiyi" The twelfth lunar month looked at Jin Xin and asked directly "Can't we call Cui Wen directly" How convenient! I'm just upset because of the heat Brocade heart dark scold how to forget Cuiwen's medical skill Look at the maidservant's brain Why doesn't it work I'll go and get her When Cuiwen heard that her master was not feeling well she was also anxious so she hurried into the room and put her hand on her pulse In an instant Cuiwen frowned and looked at his master's sleepy eyes "The maidservant suggested that the master should go directly to the imperial physician" he said "What's the matter" Brocade heart is eager He stretched out his eyebrows and bared his lower teeth "The master seems to be happy" Ding! Shen La-yue was startled there and the brocade heart on one side was also a flashing God "Is the master happy" That's the Xuan Taiyi It can't be said that Cuiwen in their palace diagnosed the pregnancy right Next is a group of busy not a moment of time see brocade heart trot son ordered little Deng son to the emperor and the queen mother there to report Although I know that Cuiwen is absolutely impossible to make a wrong diagnosis I am still a little nervous after seeing the doctor in December Coincidentally it was Wan Taiyi who came and Cuiwen was a little excited to see Wan Taiyi Not long after he saw Emperor Jing striding into the Tingyu Pavilion When Emperor Jing entered the door he saw Cuiwen and Wan Taiyi standing on one side and his eyes flashed The little girl on the bed looked at him with a smile
"How about Chun Zhaoyi" Wan Taiyi said respectfully "Your Majesty I have just diagnosed Chun Zhaoyi Chun Zhaoyi has been pregnant for a month" "Do you need to drink medicine" How is the body condition Chun Zhaoyi is in good health and doesn't need Energy to drink medicine It's just that in the early stages of pregnancy there may be some anxiety in temperament and some abnormalities in eating The empress was surrounded by girls who had not left the cabinet and did not know that this was a symptom of pregnancy Emperor Jing nodded That's all right Emperor Jing looked up and down at the twelfth lunar month and seemed very happy to see her eyes shining The day you entered the palace seemed to be right in front of you but you have gone from a 13-year-old girl to such a charming little woman today It can even spread branches and leaves for me The twelfth lunar month did not know whether she was pregnant or not She was a little tired She fell directly into his arms and murmured "We all keep our word You see my princess is coming" Because of her words Emperor Jing's lips were shallow and his tone was low "You say our eldest princess was it the night I was drunk" The month of the twelfth lunar month looked around warily and saw that all the palace maids and eunuchs had gone out She heaved a sigh of relief and said "You can't have no sense of propriety in front of others" Emperor Jing looked at her and laughed "I still remember the clever appearance of the sun and the moon today" The twelfth lunar month saw that he deliberately made fun of her and complained "You bit me that day" Emperor Jing never thought that she would mention this She laughed and said "Is it difficult for you to blame me" It's a small calculation "You already bit me but you're not allowed to say" You can't bite me in the future I'm a man with a body Zhenzhen is a little girl's style Jing Di just doesn't care about those hold her fleshy little hand is again
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