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Ordinary people are at the lower end of the food chain, above which there are numerous countries, and then there are Xiuxian families, the highest of which is Xiuxian Zongmen, which protects several small countries or Xiuxian families. And the head of Xuanmen like Tianxuanzong is supported and followed by countless Xiuxian sects. Therefore, what Le Ling said about slaves is simply a joke. Once you step into the realm of cultivation, only those with big fists can say it. Le Ling look a stiff, did not expect that he was cloud laugh against an army. She looked at the young man behind Yunxiao and said threateningly, "Xiaofeng, have you forgotten who saved your life?"? Emperor Tianxuanzong won't accept an ungrateful man! To be honest, this young man named Xiaofeng was not saved by Le Ling. He was originally captured from the beggars in the palace and was going to be trained to be a dead soldier. When Xuantianzong accepted his disciples, he happened to escape and bumped into the scene. Although he was a four-spirit root, since the monks of Xuantian Sect had already recognized him, Le Ling had to hold his nose and bring him here. In order to cultivate power for herself, Le Ling told Xiao Feng a lot these days. If he had stayed among the beggars, he would have starved to death and so on. This is the origin of the phrase "the grace of saving life". The cloud smiled at the boy. "Did she save your life?" The boy was curled up uneasily by the fingers held by Yunxiao, and his half-drooping head shook slowly and firmly. That is to say, how can a vicious and narrow-minded person like Le Ling have such good intentions. Yunxiao made up his mind to shelter the boy under his wings. She doesn't want to make trouble,Serum Bottle With Dropper, but she's not afraid of trouble. If not, isn't there a big Buddha behind you, Lou Zhiyue? The cloud laughed softly. "Would you like to come with me?"? If I don't bully you, I can have a full meal and wear warm clothes, and send you to Tianxuanzong to worship your teacher. The teenager finally raised his head and looked intently at the girl in front of him with beautiful amber eyes: "I..". I want ..... Follow you 。” He stammered as if he had not spoken for a long time, but his expression was very serious. The cloud laughed and touched his head. "It's settled." She was gentle to the young man, and when she looked at Le Ling,Empty Glass Foundation Bottle, her smile disappeared: "The station has a basic supply for the disciples, but he is so thin that he can't say that he still has injuries on his body. Does the princess really want to expose this matter to Zhao Zhenren?" Le Ling holds her breath, Yun Xiao is really cunning! Disciples with spiritual roots certainly have supplies, but how can a slave deserve to enjoy the food made of spiritual fruits and rice? What she could not finish eating was given to the people around her. Of course, if you are in a bad mood, it is common for Le Ling to kick a teenager with a few whips. A man like a mute is not very interesting to fight, but if he doesn't fight, he will be an eyesore. Get the man back to me! Le Ling ordered around. She had already retreated once in the hands of Yunxiao, and once again, she had lost all face. The cloud smiled with one hand akimbo and was in high spirits. Although there are many masters under Le Ling, they are far worse than her. So I'm not afraid of fighting or anything. She looks to the young boy beside: "Bully your person, see elder sister avenge to you." However, before the people around Leling rushed to Yunxiao, Glass Cosmestic Containers ,glass cream jars, they suddenly fell to their knees with their ankles covered. With Yunxiao's eyesight, he saw only a flash of golden streamer. Is there anyone else here? Just as Yunxiao was about to release his divine investigation, a clear and mocking laugh suddenly came from the top of his head. The voice laughed and whispered, "I can't believe that in the land of Emperor Xuanzong, cats and dogs like" princesses "and" princesses "dare to be fierce!" The voice fell, and a girl wrapped in purple and graceful posture jumped down from the treetop. The cloud smiles at the moment bright, what a charming beauty. Not only charming, but also very cool to wear, the waist is clear and the legs are snow-white, like a monster into a spirit. Le Ling blushed and looked at the girl in purple with hostility: "Cheng Lingyu, it's you again!" She has only suffered from two people in the station these days. One is Yunxiao, the other is Cheng Lingyu in front of him. Cheng Lingyu's temperament is evil and cultivated, and Le Ling can only hold back when she suffers losses, so she tries her best to find the place here in Yunxiao. Cheng Lingyu? The cloud smiled and said, "The name sounds familiar. She must have seen it in the book." Cannon fodder control group! Yunxiao had a flash of inspiration. She is at least a vicious woman who lives to the middle and late stages of the book.
Cheng Lingyu is more miserable. According to the progress of the plot, more than half a month later, they set out to return to Zongmen, and will encounter two magic repair interception on the way. Cheng Lingyu, relying on the cultivation of three layers of Qi, unexpectedly started with the magic cultivation of the golden elixir period, intending to save the captured fellow disciples. Then, he was directly hit by the magic repair and died. At the same time, Lin Zhiyan, who was caught by another demon, was saved by Yi Shaohan, the male protagonist passing by. Because Cheng Lingyu died miserably, even the heart was pulled out, Lin Zhiyan heart, then more grateful for the rescue of Yi Shaohan. Cheng Lingyu looked at the cloud and smiled, "Cannon fodder, yes..". According to the group What do you mean? She originally basked in the sun with Xiaojin in the tree, but was later alarmed by Leling's shamelessness, fearing that the girl who called Yunxiao would suffer losses, so she appeared. Cloud smile back to God: "Er..". Native dialect You mean you are good-looking. Since can do Lin Zhiyan's control group, Cheng Lingyu, who was born in the family of domesticated spirit beasts, is not only the best aptitude of Shuanglinggen, but also a charming and sexy beauty. Cheng Lingyu's bright red lips slightly raised: "Thank you for your praise, you look very..". Cannon fodder. Yeah ...... According to the group 。” Cloud laughs: ".." Yunxiao and Cheng Lingyu felt like old friends at first sight. Le Ling was unwilling but dared not do anything more. She left dejectedly. The cloud smiled curiously at the little golden snake lying on Cheng Lingyu's wrist. "Was it the one that bit those people just now?" Cheng Lingyu nodded and raised her wrist: "Xiao Jin, say hello." The little snake with the thickness of his little finger stood up and smiled several times at the cloud with his little head. The cloud smiled and said, "It's so cute." Heart: Sure enough,30ml dropper bottle, there is a snake named Xiaojin, not with the same name, but a cannon fodder version of Cheng Lingyu. penghuangbottle.com
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