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Thank you, a female prisoner who was sentenced to death for various reasons, who was soft on the outside and firm on the inside. After traveling through time and space, she had hoped that she could spend her life safely, but when she fell from the sky, she committed the crime of manslaughter. The unfortunate sister and brother, the indifferent doctor, the enthusiastic killer, the strange identity of the rich son.. See how she survives in this world again, see how the cause and effect of fate will connect her with these different personalities, see where her floating boat of fate will eventually sail.. Red Dust Click on the pink PK icon under the book cover to vote. Click to view the image link: Chapter 60 when will you finish your apprenticeship? Chapter 60 of the main text when to finish the apprenticeship smoothly Chapter 60 when to finish the apprenticeship smoothly Dark sky, dark clouds rolling, when a dazzling golden light rushed into the clouds, immediately drove away the haze, thunder burst, a flash of lightning split the thick black clouds, the sky came clear dragon singing. In the rolling black clouds, the rainstorm is like weaving, and the vigorous body of the golden dragon shuttles through the clouds, crosses the dragon domain of the East China Sea,Thyroid Powder Factory, and comes straight to the east. When they landed in Kunshan, the city of Dugu was restored to its human form, its clothes fluttering, and the two of them came in the wind. On the top of the mountain, the north wind howled. There was an old Taoist with a whisk in his hand, who slowly appeared in a white light. The mountains behind us are green and birds are flying together. Xiaoyao and Dugucheng looked at each other. The master looked at them sternly like an angry beast in the jungle. The three of them stared at each other. Master.. Dugucheng was about to explain. He was pulled by the little demon and ran away. Stop! Two sinners! The white water mirror raised his eyebrows, waved the whisk in his hand, and the little demon was nailed to the escape route like a stake. Ah,L Methylfolate Factory, the sky is so blue! Master's beard is so white! As soon as the white water mirror robe shook, I saw the little demon turn into a white light with a squeak, which was included in his sleeve. Master, it's so dark inside! The voice of the little demon came from the sleeve. Little beast, you have to think about your mistakes inside. When you understand where your mistakes are, the master will let you out. Gucheng, come here with Shifu. "Yes, Master." Dugucheng followed him, and the old Taoist drove a cloud and flew to the Taoist temple. It was getting dark, and the lamp was like a bean. Cigarettes were lit in the thatched cottage, and smoke curled up in the stove. Master and disciples sat face to face. I have only received three disciples in my life. I had hoped that you could continue my mantle and become immortals and gods in the future to glorify my family. Who would have thought that you would be trapped by love one by one, with deep desires, as if you could not become a superior immortal. And the desire for revenge in your heart can never be erased. Master originally thought that twenty-one years of enlightenment could influence you. Although you are the prince of the Dragon Clan in the East China Sea and have a mission, Master still hopes that you can put all the people in the world first and never go against heaven. But now it seems that it is in vain after all. All right, Quillaja Saponin ,Heme Iron Polypeptide, Shifu won't force you. All evil causes create karma. But remember, everything you do in the future has nothing to do with the master. If you become a teacher today, you will be expelled from the school. Don't tell people that you are my disciple. Otherwise, I will strip you of your muscles and bones, banish your spirit beyond the nine seclusions, and never transcend life. "Master!"! Disciple knows his mistake! And ask you to take back your order! There was sadness in Dugucheng's eyes. Heaven is heartless and unfair. If he wants to lead the dragons out of the shackles, what if he goes against heaven? But today he was expelled from the school and cut off the relationship between master and apprentice for 21 years. He also knew that he could not involve the master, but how could the relationship between father and son for 21 years be cut off by a word? The little demon rolled around in the dark spherical object, trying to find a gap to get out. She could not hear the sound outside, nor could she see the light outside, and almost reached out her claws to scratch the wall. Inside Master's sleeve, the walls are as cold and hard as cement, and they are extremely lonely, like threads of silk. She suddenly seemed to understand master s state of mind. It turned out that the highest state of practice might be like this, struggling in boundless loneliness. Although the master was strict, the love of spoiling his disciples in his heart was perhaps the only happiness and light that brought him in his long and lonely life.
She suddenly felt a sense of shame. Although she had been practicing with her master for the past three years, the immortal method was neither too high nor too low, and her meditation was also staggering. Master must be very disappointed, right? Dugucheng knelt on one knee and refused to leave. His strong face was interwoven with complex expressions. He felt a little guilty, but he was still persistent. The white water mirror turned its face into the wall and closed its eyes cruelly. The day is coming, you go. "No matter how it changes in the future, I will always remember the teachings of the master and the kindness of the master's upbringing. It was you who rescued me from the East China Sea at the beginning. The life of the disciple is given by the master. As long as I complete the great cause, if I can live in the future and have the opportunity to serve the master again, if you want to kill or cut, the disciple will never complain!" He bent down to bow, kowtowed three times, and then resolutely turned away. White water mirror toward the inner wall, for a long time, issued a sigh. The air around is cold, and the night in Kunshan is still so quiet. He shook the sleeve of his robe and something fell out of it. Come out. He said. Thank you, Master! The disciple really knows he is wrong this time. I will work hard and follow the master to learn the immortal method. I will never be lazy again! The little demon, like a round ball of white hair, rolled out of the sleeve of the white water mirror and landed head first with a bang. It made her eyes shine and she couldn't tell the difference between north, south, east and west. Where is the Second Elder Martial Brother? She asked again. Leave "The old Taoist picked up the teacup that had cooled for a long time in front of him, took a sip, and answered slowly." Master, have you had dinner? If you want to eat jujube or oil pangolin, the disciple will cook it for you right away. The little demon courteously flattered and came up to beat his shoulders and pinch his back, and the old Taoist's expression gradually eased. Then she took the opportunity to ask again, "Master, you didn't embarrass the Second Elder Martial Brother, did you?"? I want to go to the East China Sea to dig for treasure. It's none of Elder Martial Brother's business. If you want to punish me, you can punish me. I can be confined. This time, I don't want Second Elder Martial Brother to take the blame. Actually Every time I stole your treasure for fun,Theobromine Powder, but I returned it the next day. It was just for fun. Master, you won't be angry, will you? 。
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