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Li Jiaojiao said "You can say that but there are many resentful couples in the world That's because their marriage is not autonomous but this kind of thing won't happen to me" I have a good mother She tells me how to choose Chu Ruthless couldn't help kissing her again and then said "Jiaojiao I didn't believe in marriage but when I came into contact with her years ago my mind and body stayed here so I couldn't help believing it" Li Jiaojiao leaned closer and said "Brother Chu do you think there's any difference between here and a year ago" "I can't feel it" said Chu Ruthlessly "because a year ago I just touched it lightly which made my heart beat Although the aftertaste is infinitely sweet Additives and Auxiliaries I can't remember what it felt like at that time Until today I didn't really feel Li Jiaojiao had an intoxicating blush on her face and whispered "I'm bored to death by this I've lost weight everywhere in the past year and I'm trying my best to grow here" Chu mercilessly bit her ear and said "Really" I wish I wasn't on a boat right now ……” Li Jiaojiao pressed her fiery cheek to his chest and said "Elder brother no matter where we rest tonight I will wait for you" Chu merciless heart is a swing but suddenly feel the ship stopped at the same time someone went to the cabin hurriedly let go of the hand outside the cabin has been greeted It was Gao Qiang's voice "Brother Chu come out and have a look It seems that the situation is not quite right It's quiet up there There's no movement at all" But seeing that the ship had docked there were still several speedboats and more than a dozen large double-decker warships parked there but no one was there Chen Hansheng and Jiang Han also left the boat and stood on the bridge in a daze Chu looked at it mercilessly and said "How did Brother Gao greet them Could something have gone wrong" "I don't know" said Gao Qiang "I asked the brother and he said there were no good players in the Stronghold so I told them to climb the mountain first But I told them again and again not to go deep They just occupied the watchtower at the entrance and then left one or two people on the plank road to observe the echo But now no one has disappeared" Jiang Han said "Could it be that when they saw that the mountaineering was going well they went deep into it" "It's impossible" said Chen Hansheng "They are led by your elder brother Luo Junyi Junyi is a mature and prudent child He never dares to act rashly" "So they were ambushed" Asked Jiang Han "That's probably the case" said Chen Hansheng sadly "Otherwise they wouldn't even be missing I hope they were just caught by mistake and didn't die" "Brother Gao" said Chu Ruthlessly "what is your undercover man doing here" Gao Qiang said "I am a small leader and now I have been promoted to deputy leader" "Is he reliable" Asked Chu mercilessly How long have you been here ” "It must be reliable" said Gao Qiang "He was my junior fellow apprentice We were all under the disciple of Cheng Haodong a teacher of Pai Jiao Later Cheng was killed by his fellow apprentice so we left together I joined another teacher to learn martial arts China Chemicals He has been in the Yangtze River Water Stronghold for more than ten years and has kept in touch with me" "Does anyone know about your relationship" Chu asked mercilessly "I don't know" said Gao Qiang "Otherwise he wouldn't be able to settle down" "Brother Chu" said Li Jiaojiao hurriedly "why are you asking these questions now" Chu Ruthless way "I want to find out what the problem is if that person has a problem naturally he led our people into the trap then the situation is not too serious if that person is also unknown things will be difficult" "Brother Chu" said Gao Qiang "can you explain the matter more clearly" "If Brother Gao's fellow disciple can be trusted" said Chu Ruthlessly "then he doesn't know that there has been an ambush in the Stronghold The fall of those people must have been the result of the other side's surprise attack against us It would be difficult to deal with them" . After his analysis Gao Qiang frowned and said "This man's name is Ke Xiongxin He is my best friend with a different surname There will be absolutely no problem Last time my brother was able to dive into Huang Sanjue's Red Dragon Ship and destroy the five bronze cannons he provided information and methods Therefore my brother can absolutely guarantee it" "Then we must prepare for the worst" sighed Chu mercilessly
” "What are you going to do" Asked Chen Hansheng Chu said mercilessly "Burn the plank road and cut off its way out" Chen Hansheng's face darkened "How can I do that" Asked Jiang Han Nearly ten of my brothers are on it How can you abandon them "Jiang Han" said Chen Hansheng "there's nothing we can do about it Now that the other side is on guard we'll pay for it in vain This is not the Catalystsa time to show off our courage We must think about the overall situation You are a sensible person Jiang Han was speechless Chu said mercilessly "This matter was planned by Chu Chu should take full responsibility for the life and death of those brothers" "Don't say that Shaoxia Chu" said Chen Hansheng "Since Tai Chi Men has given you these people they don't care about life or death let alone an accident" "No" said Chu ruthlessly "since I have invited you I must be responsible to the end Stronghold if there is an ambush the main target is also us these people those people are unlikely to be killed at most is detained as a hostage to induce someone in Chu So they must be safe before Chumou falls "Yes" said Gao Qiang "the identities of those people have not yet been revealed The other party must not know which side they are on I'm not going to kill you until I figure it out Even if the identity is exposed the relationship between Tai Chi Gate and Master Bai is very close Master Bai has not publicly broken with the Jiuhua Sword Society and the other party is not unfeeling "Let's not talk about those words" said Chu Ruthlessly "Anyway we must not fail on this trip If one road is impassable we must change to the second one" "Brother Chu" said Li Jiaojiao "after you burned the plank road you cut off the whole traffic with it What other way is there" "Yes" said Chu mercilessly "I had a look at it last time I have a general understanding of the terrain You can go up without the plank road" "From where" Asked Li Jiaojiao "From a place they can't think of in a way they can't think of" said Chu Ruthlessly You know I grew up in the desert The Tianshan Mountains are high above the clouds and the peaks of more than a thousand feet can go up and down freely This height is not difficult for me 。
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