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Too many questions, everything came so suddenly, I can't think through, and finally I'm too lazy to think about it. Let's talk about it after I'm discharged. PART 5. A week later, I recovered from my injuries and was discharged from hospital, but there was still no news of Lin Duyu. After I returned to the dormitory, I soon felt that Zhao Jun and Xu Zhifei were intentionally alienating me. I don't mind Xu Zhifei looking at me in a very unfriendly way, but I began to hate Zhao Jun more and more. I don't understand why he slandered me. I need to find evidence to prove my innocence before the hospital investigates this matter, and then slowly look for Zhao Jun's purpose and motive to do so. Of course, it is impossible for me to enter the secret passage of the reading room at ordinary times. At present, I can't let this secret passage be displayed in full view of the public. First, it will cause panic, and second, it will frighten the snake. But I have to find at least two people to testify for me. Who should I find? I thought about it for a long time and finally decided to choose Xu Zhifei and Hu Xiaoli. Xu Zhifei was one of the people Zhao Jun called to find me that night, and he also firmly believed that Lin Duyu was missing because of my pursuit of "sleepwalking" state. Although he did not see me sleepwalking with his own eyes, he had every reason to believe Zhao Jun's words,Fungal Chitosan Manufacturer, so he took him to the secret passage to let him understand the truth, and his testimony would be strong evidence. The second is Hu Xiaoli. That night, we all saw lights in the reading room. At the same time, we went in to investigate. She also saw Lin Duyu inside, and also saw the image of the woman who looked like a person but not a person, a ghost but not a ghost. She's also the best witness. Of course,Heme Iron Polypeptide, there is Wang Siyue, but I am not sure whether she will stand on my side, this woman I am not familiar with, and from several times dealing with her situation, she may not be able to trust. During the evening self-study, I threw a note to Xu Zhifei and asked him to wait for me downstairs in the dormitory after the evening self-study. Xu Zhifei paid the appointment on time. I thought you wouldn't come. I'll strike first. I thought I wouldn't come, but I came anyway. Xu Zhifei seems to have read a lot of Gulong novels recently, and even his tone of voice is very similar to the characters in the novels. I smiled helplessly and said, "Then you should know why I asked you out." Xu Zhifei nodded, "Although I am usually a careless person, but this time at least understand what you want to say to me, L Methylfolate Factory ,Quercetin Dihydrate Manufacturer, after all, we have lived in a dormitory for so long." My heart is a little sour, yes, after all, we have lived in the same dormitory for so long, but now. The disappearance of one of his old friends is ominous; the other three are close to turning against each other. I stepped forward and patted Xu Zhifei on the shoulder, but Xu Zhifei moved his shoulder back. I was stunned, then shook my head again and asked, "Am I really so scary?" Xu Zhifei lowered his head and did not speak. Do you really believe Zhao Jun's words that Lin Duyu's disappearance is related to me? Xu Zhifei said, "I don't believe anyone. I only believe the evidence. At least at present, it's hard for me to believe that Lin Duyu's disappearance has nothing to do with you." "Well, let me ask you. Zhao Jun said I was sleepwalking. Did you see that?" "No." "Did you see him follow me out with Lin Duyu?" Xu Zhifei shook his head and said, "No." How can you believe that I sleepwalked that night when you didn't see anything? How can I believe that Lin Duyu followed me into the Bell Tower and then disappeared? That's what Zhao Jun told you, isn't it? Xu Zhifei buried them all lower, "but it's true that you were found next to the morgue." "What does this have to do with the disappearance of Du Yu?" Xu Zhifei shook his head, "You don't want me to ask, my eloquence has always been bad, I don't know how to answer, but my feeling tells me that even if there is no direct relationship between the disappearance of the rain and you, there must be an indirect relationship." I sighed and said, "Yes, I can tell you that I was with Lin Duyu that night, but I wasn't sleepwalking. Someone can prove it." "Who?" Xu Zhifei asked. I Hu Xiaoli also arrived, "I can prove that it was Lin Duyu who entered the reading room first that night, and it was Lin yuan who followed him." "How do you prove it?" Xu Zhifei asked.
"Because I was there." Hu Xiaoli must be authentic. Then how was Lin yuan injured and why was he unconscious next to the morgue? When Xu Zhifei asked this key question again, Hu Xiaoli looked at a loss. "That's why I called you here today," I said quickly. "I want to take you to a place." What place? Xu Zhifei and Hu Xiaoli asked in unison. I turned to the Bell Tower and said, "Hu Xiaoli, you should remember the shadow of the woman we saw outside the reading room that night." "Yes, of course." Hu Xiaoli said. Now it's Xu Zhifei's turn to look at a loss. You have to wonder why the "woman" disappeared after we went in. I went on. Hu Xiaoli nodded her head. After you and Wang Siyue left that night, Lin Duyu and I did not leave, but returned to the reading room to look for the trace of the woman. "You mean." Hu Xiaoli seems to have understood where I'm taking them. I nodded and said, "Yes, Lin Duyu and I found a secret in the reading room, a terrible secret!" "What secret?" Xu Zhifei asked. A secret passage to the forbidden area of the campus! As soon as I said this, Xu Zhifei and Hu Xiaoli immediately showed a look of surprise. You don't have to believe me now,Quercetin Dihydrate Manufacturer, but when you see it with your own eyes, you won't doubt me anymore. Lin Duyu and I were separated in that secret passage that night, and three identical'female corpses' chased us in the dark. I went on. Bodies chasing you? Or three identical bodies? Xu Zhifei didn't believe what I said.
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