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Helping your ESA Cat live longer - 2022 Guide


We bring dogs into our homes and soon they become an integral part of the family. They fill our lives with joy and happiness. They never let us feel alone and are always there for us. We all wish to have these furry buddies with us throughout our lives, wishing that they could live as long as the human does. However, unfortunately, it is not the case. Dogs age at a very fast pace than humans, which means that their lifespan is very shorter than humans. Do you want to get an ESA dog? Do you know how to get an ESA dog? It is quite simple; you just need your mental health practitioner to issue you an ESA Letter so that you can keep your dog as an ESA or buy a new one. You can also get the ESA letter from online sources.


The rule of calculating dog years to human years is wrong


Have you ever used the simple math rule to calculate the age of your dog? I bet you have. I remember I used to calculate the age of my dog by multiplying its age by seven. I used to believe that the result of the multiplication would be their age equivalent in human years. This famous, yet wrong formula was erected on the simple fact that where humans usually live for around seven decades, dogs live up to only a decade. However, research has proven that this rule is not correct.


Factors like dog’s breed, and size play an important part in the aging process. Where large dogs age faster and reach seniority as quickly as in the first five years of their life, and medium dogs age at a medium pace and reach seniority at around the age of 7 years, the smaller toy-sized dogs age the slowest and reach the age of seniority after the age of 10 years.


Using CBD oil


Massaging your dog's fur with CBD oil is very effective in reducing the stress level, anxiety, and depression among dogs. The emotional support animal letter is also very helpful in alleviating much of the essence of the marriage. 


The general guidelines for correctly determining the age of a dog are as follow:


  •       The first two years of large dogs are equivalent to nine human years, while it is 10.5  in the case of medium-sized dogs, and 12.5 in the case of small dogs.

  •       Later on, each year of the dog is multiplied with any number ranging from 4.3 to 13.4 years, depending on their breed.


After getting disappointed by the answer to their eternal question, how long do dogs live, people start looking for ways to improve the health of their canine fellas. Here is what you can do to help your four-legged companion to stay happy at least.


Healthy diet


Just as you are as good as the food, your dog is only as good as the food that you pour in its bowl. A balanced diet that contains all of the essential elements is crucial for a dog to stay healthy and happy throughout its lifespan


A regular visit to the vet


It is not necessary that you only take your esa letter for housing to the vet when they are in severe pain rather you need to take them to the vet regularly. You must check with the vet after every week or fortnightly.




Dogs need to stay active to stay healthy, otherwise, they get fatter and they develop kidney problems, etc. Moreover, taking your dog out for a walk is very crucial as it not only allows the dog to roam around but also gives you two a chance to bond. For more information regarding an ESA letter visit



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