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Landlord restrictions for Pitbull canine - 2022 Guide


Have you ever tried renting a home or an apartment while having a pet? If yes, it is almost certain that you would have experienced discrimination against your emotional support animal dog during your search. If you have a Pitbull as your emotional support animal letter, I am certain that your dog would have been enlisted in the restricted or aggressive dog breed lists. The discrimination against Pitbull goes well beyond enlisting as restricted pets.


Pitbull is quite popular among the dog owner’s community. However, there are too many apartment restrictions that people make a compromise and get other dogs that are not enlisted.


How to get a dog to be your ESA dog? All you need is an ESA letter that is signed by a licensed education officer. You can either make an appointment with your mental health professional or can get it delivered from an online website. You just have to make sure that your letter is signed by a professional mental health professional, who is practicing in your state of residence.


Dog breeds like Pitbull are placed on the restricted list of many apartments because they are considered as aggressive. They are banned because owners think that having them around would intimidate other tenets. However, you can get your ESA Pitbull accepted to your apartment if you could find a way to influence the decision of the owner by changing his perception of your Pitbull.  You can share its cute photos, and videos, etc. with the owner to make them see how friendly and humanistic your furry fella is. You must prepare a sort of resume for your ESA dog. It would project the soft and friendly image of your Pitbull and would sway the position of the owner.


In addition to the resume, you can share a letter of recommendation from a babysitter, neighbor, or veterinarian. The sole purpose is to make sure that the new landlords know that they have nothing to worry about and your Pitbull would not worry them. You can share your Pitbull pictures while playing with kids.  This will make them think that the dog is not even harmful to the kids.


Before you start applying for a home for yourself and your dog, you must do ample research. You do not want your application fee to be wasted if the apartment building is following a no-pet policy or has restricted certain species as aggressive or violent. You must also take a look at the success rate of the applications.


As soon as people bring an esa letter for housing to their homes, they start wondering how long do dogs live? well, there is no doubt that a dog’s life expectancy is way lower than that of humans. However, one should note that the life expectancy of dogs can be increased in various ways.


How to increase the life expectancy of your ESA dogs? While, there is no guarantee that the life expectancy of your dog would increase but at least, it would live a happy and healthy life. One way of decreasing the anxiety, depression, and bodily pains of your ESA dog is massaging it with CBD oil for dogs. This oil does not only make the dog’s coat shiny but also helps with depression.


It might sound odd, but believe me, when I say that dogs face depression and anxiety in various forms. One of the easiest ways to help your dog organically deal with the bodily aches and pains of the body is to apply CBD oil to your dog every now and then. This not only increases your dog’s life expectancy but also makes them happy and friendly. For more information, do visit visit



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